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Saving to give birth in a health facility.
“I lost one of my babies because I did not have enough money to go to the health facility,” said Afghan mother Mahbibi. She’s not alone. 78% of women who were sick during their pregnancy or childbirth faced problems accessing health care because they did not have the money to do so, according to a 2010 Afghanistan Mortality Survey.

But when Mahbibi became pregnant again, something changed. Sediqa, a community health worker, visited her to answer questions and help her prepare for childbirth. She encouraged Mahbibi to buy a piggy bank for 10 Afghanis—about 13 US cents—and save money. Mahbibi agreed and began to sell her chicken’s eggs to put money aside for when her baby came.

When she went into labor, Mahbibi asked her mother-in-law to accompany her to the health facility. Her mother-in-law replied, “We don’t have money.” But Mahbibi had been preparing for just this moment: she had saved nearly 800 Afghanis for a trip to the facility—in fact, the taxi only cost half that.

With a skilled midwife by her side, Mahbibi gave birth to a healthy baby, and chose a postpartum family planning method that will keep her healthy in the months ahead.

At Jhpiego, we strive to empower you—whether you’re a nurse, a midwife, a community health worker or a global health advocate—to help save lives. Thank you for your dedication—you're transforming futures!
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