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Jhpiego Newsletter | August 2015
Image of health care worker with mother and child
A Champion for Mothers
There is a global need for maternal and newborn health champions who not only possess strong clinical skills, but are also leaders. Ugandan midwife Rebecca Okello Acech is the perfect example.
Image of a nurse-midwife practicing her skills on a simulation model.
Competent, Responsive and Productive
There are seven skills essential to managing complications at birth. Nurse-midwife Beatrice Mziray used these skills to save a baby’s life.
Woman with newborn resting on her chest
Deep Dive into Postpartum Family Planning
What are the three key numbers that demonstrate the opportunity and impact of postpartum intrauterine devices? Take a look at this infographic to find out!
Mother and Child
Save a Mother's Life Today!
Your contribution will help us to ensure that more women are surviving and that more children will have the chance to grow up happy and healthy with their mothers by their sides. Thank you for helping us to make a difference in the lives of women and their families throughout the world.
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