July 2012
Nurses Play Leading Role in Jhpiego-supported Male Medical Circumcision Campaigns
Tanzania’s successful voluntary medical male circumcision campaign relies on teams of nurses who have been specially trained in HIV education, counseling, testing and performing circumcisions. Task shifting has enabled tens of thousands of procedures to be done.
Kenya Enlists Nursery School Teachers to Identify Malnutrition
Francisca Kivuva now knows that one of the best ways to ensure her nursery school students are learning their lessons is to make sure they are properly nourished. That’s thanks to a Jhpiego-led partnership of educators, health care providers and non-governmental organizations working in Eastern Kenya to boost nutrition among children.
Jhpiego/MCHIP Ghana Team Uses Mobile Phones to Coach Nurses
Nursing instructors find an innovative way to help trainers navigate a new computer-assisted learning course – via mobile phone. The approach saved time and money in reaching dozens of participants in a course for nursing tutors.

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