June 2014
A Men's Group Takes to the Road for Family Planning
The Kitui Riders Association has joined the ranks of family planning champions in eastern Kenya, thanks to an astute, dedicated program officer in the APHIAplus KAMILI program led by Jhpiego. This is another example of men taking an active role in keeping mothers and families healthy.
Obstetric Fistula is Preventable with Skilled Care
An estimated two to three million women suffer from obstetric fistula today as a result of complications during birth. But a skilled midwife can help prevent this condition that leaves women unable to contain their bladder functions. Jhpiego is working around the world to help build a skilled health workforce and prevent fistula.
A Health Education Talk Leads to a Lifesaving Screening
Cervical cancer is a leading cause of death in women in Kenya. Jhpiego has been working with the government to ensure that all Kenyan women have access to an innovative screen-and-treat approach that can prevent this cancer and save lives.

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